Friday, February 14, 2014

Key West Spring Break 2014 - Make It The Best Spring Break Ever!

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Spring Break in Key West 2014: Your Top 5 Key West Essentials

Why go anywhere else for Spring Break? There’s a party atmosphere here unlike any other city in the world. The craziness lasts from morning till night, on land and on sea – it’s the perfect place to fly your Spring Break freak flag. Read on for our essentials list and make this the most unforgettable week of your life in Key West!

1. Duval Crawl
The bars and pubs along Duval Street get crazy during Spring Break. It’s pretty wild all year round, but Spring Break has a special flavor of crazy. And it’s foolproof fun. Just walk along Duval Street and bar-hop your little heart out. You’ll find live music, DJs, dancing, hoards of hotties, and all sorts of freaky fun to keep you entertained till the break of dawn. 

2. Booze Cruise
This is the ideal Spring Break adventure: Hop a boat and cruise the glorious tropical waters, drink, dance, party, and make new friends. Whether you ride a schooner, catamaran, or yacht, this is one three-hour tour Gilligan could only dream about. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find a cute Maryann, Ginger or Professor of your own to cozy up with.$49.html 

3. Get Wild on the Water
Smathers Beach is a great place to do it all: if you’re hungover and want to hang out on the beach to recoup, you’re covered (and for the dog that bit ya, the beach is lined with vendors selling beer plus non-alckie drinks too.) If you’re seeking a thrill, you can rent some jet skis, parasail, or ride a speed boat. And like any good Spring Break Beach, there’s no shortage of volleyball games, Frisbees, and the sweet smell of sunscreen on bikini-clad babes and trunk-clad cuties.

4. Mallory Square Sunset Celebration
Take a stroll over to Mallory Square at dusk to catch the sunset. The view is unbelievable, but it isn’t all whispers and champagne here. This is the beginning of another wild night in the party capital of the world. Try to get there about an hour before sunset for a good view, and then grab a drink, watch the fire dancers, or have your palm read. This is a great way to warm up for the late night nuttiness.

5. Garden of Eden Bar
Nothing says Spring Break like “clothing-optional,” right? This party palace is located on the Duval Crawl in #1. The place is open all day, and you can sun yourself (all of yourself, if you dig) during the day. But things really start to go down once the sun goes down. At night, the DJ comes on, and the clothes come off. This place is heaven on earth for exhibitionists and voyeurs alike. FIND: Atop the Bull and Whistle Bar.


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