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Top 9 Ways To Do A Key West Roadtrip for Pennies!

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Written by Dianne Ackerman                                            

Key West The Right Way

Top 9 Ways To Do A Key West Roadtrip for Pennies!

Truman Hotel Pool
Don’t fear the airfare! In fact, FORGET the airfare! Let’s do a road trip to Key West! Not only is it the most beautiful drive in the U.S., it I also the cheapest way to get here! If you’re looking to do Key West on a budget, then don’t stop saving once you turn off the ignition. Save some serious loot on your trip to Paradise Party Island (also known as KEY WEST!) by using these Top 9 Tips. Buckle your seatbelt, you’re in for a wild ride…

1. Have A Travel Buddy
There is a time and place for traveling solo, but if you are looking to save some cash, then get yourself a pal to pinch pennies with. You can split costs for everything: gas, food, lodging, rounds of drinks, and even that pack of alka-seltzer the next morning.

2. Pack A Lunch
Sounds so simple, but is overlooked by so many. If you bring food with you rather than buying the $15 road-stop burgers, the savings will add up. So the brown-bagged ham sandwich may not be the most exciting lunch in the world, but with the cash you save with meals on the road can be spent gobbling up the finest seafood delicacies and Key Lime Pie once you arrive.

3. Take Advantage of FREEBIES
Trust us, there are lots of free things to do and see in Key West. There are lists, links, tips and tricks saturating this web site. Take a look around and find some freebies that interest you. Here are some starters to get the idea juices flowing: LIST OF SOME FREEBIES

4. Find A Hotel With A Shuttle
If you find a hotel that is off the beaten path…or even a couple miles from the beaten path, then you can count yourself a lucky vacationer that has saved a lot of bread. Ditch the car, and take a free hotel shuttle into town. It’s a quadruple win: you save on lodging, parking, gas, and hassle of directions. Oh yeah, and most importantly, no designated driver. Another round please, bartender! FIND A HOTEL

5. Use Public Transportation Or Walk
Walking in the ‘burbs isn’t always the best place way to get to where you are going. But down here on this intimate, gorgeous, little island, you can literally walk from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean by only taking a few steps off Duval Street. You can also take the Trolley bus for super cheap and learn about Key West while you're at it!

Doesn’t sound like much a tip, does it? Trust us on this one. If you stop off at the grocery store the night you arrive and stock up on a few essentials for breakfasts and lunches (coffee, milk, cereal, sandwich fixins), you will save so much flippin’ money that you will want to open a new savings account…or, well, at least have enough for nice seafood dinner.

7. Find a Hotel With Included Breakfast
These are the types of perks that just feel good when you get them. If you are waking up in the FIND A HOTEL
morning after a wild night out, there is nothing like the effortless, hotel-included breakfast to make things easy, cheap, and fun.

8. Book Sunday Through Thursday
Most people want to get the heck out of Dodge as soon as the Friday 5PM bell rings. But if you book your trip on a Sunday through Thursday, you will be doing the exact OPPOSITE of most travelers. Everything will be cheaper, especially hotel and transportation.

9. Use Entertainment Coupon Books and Online Discounts
You may already be signed up for Groupon, Living Social and other online discount sites in your hometown. But if you sign up for the Key West versions like Great Locations (and more), you can score some great deals before you even arrive. Entertainment coupon books are also a great way to save on dining, shows, and other attractions. You can find coupons while waiting for your bags at the airport.

Who says you have to be loaded to enjoy a vacation on the beautiful island on Earth? You may not have a lot of dough, but we guarantee you will have an unforgettable vacation worth millions.
Article by Dianne Ackerman

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