Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Key West Bars...Where Can I Get A Drink Around Here?

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Destination: Key West, Florida          
Written by Marjorie Spoto                                       

Key West The Right Way


With all due respect to any other party city in the USA, Key West is the best party town...no competition...well maybe New Orleans, but, they come in as a distant second. The big difference between the two party cities is that Key West is safe and clean. The weather is perpetually sunny year around, the people on the street and bars are extremely friendly, the drinks are very generous and you can get then inexpensively during Happy hour.

Key West is everything you expect from your tropical vacation and so much more! Find your favorite Key West Restaurant while on your Key West Pary Vacation. Many of our fine island chefs have come from around the world to work (or own) their own restaurant in Key West. Some of the best dining experiences that you will find will be in our amazing little two by five island! That's why Key West is famous for our fine dining and local island cuisine. Enjoy our plethora of restaurants to choose from or find the local's favorites. No matter where you eat on our tropical island, you will find the best key west restaurants for your party in Key West vacation. Enjoy!

Article by Marjorie Spoto

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