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Destination: Key West, Florida          
Written by Dianne Spoto Ackerman                                          


Every few years, we come to some spiritual “checkpoints” in our lives, and it’s time to take stock of what is working and what isn’t. These crossroads can be instigated by a life change, like a breakup, or a move, or a new job, or even a landmark birthday. And sometimes, they come from something as simple as waking up in the morning and saying “It’s time for a little life housecleaning!”

When we hit a spiritual checkpoint, we can ignore it and carry on as usual…or we can take inventory of our lives and so some soul-cleansing and simplifying.

Doing this is best done when you can step back from the daily grind, and not just catch your breath, but enjoy taking some long, slow, relaxing breaths! Getting away from it all to clear your mind is so healthy, so why not come to the most beautiful island in the U.S., Key West? And why not have an AMAZING, time of your life doing it? Here’s how:

1.     Be with People that Make you HAPPY
Key West, Florida
Are you spending too much time with people that make you feel bad? Then grab the person that come by yourself, we guarantee you will meet some amazing, kind, funny, cool people here. Because friendliness is the name of the game in Key West, and you are sure to pal up with anyone from the bartender to the chick on the lounge chair across from you, or the people on the dance floor!
makes you feel the best (or enjoy being by yourself!) and come on down to gorgeous, lush, relaxing yet fun Key West. Don’t spend time with and money on people that drag you down. Plan a vacation that will make you happy, and enjoy it with people that make you happy too! And if you

2.     Disconnect – at least for a couple hours a day! 
It can be hard to fight the urge to post Instagram pics of the bar in the hotel pool, or the post on Facebook about how hot the guys are that are serving drinks at that bar on Duval Street…but we promise you, if you shut your phone off, and leave it off, for even just a couple hours a day, you will sense a shift in your ability to be in the present moment, and really WITH the experience of being in Key West. And when you feel that happen, you may not ever want to go back home!

3.     Pack light
We are tellin’ the truth when we say you really don’t need much here. A pair of flip flops, a bathing suit, shorts, a couple tees, and your underwear (which, even in some bars here, is optional!). Seriously, do yourself a favor and bring as little as possible. Casual is a way of life here, and you will not need formal clothes. Even the nightlife is enjoyed in flip-flops by most. There are drug stores in town for sundries, so you really don’t need to pack the world. Make it easy on yourself! And see our blog on packing tips:

4.     Shhhh… get really, really quiet. 
Hey, if Ernest Hemingway moved here and penned some of his most famous novels, then there
must be something about this pace that allows a great mind to think greatly! In fact, this place is home today to countless creative types: musicians, painters, writers and performers of all types. The glorious turquoise waters, brilliant sky, sweet breezes, and laid-back attitudes allow for some nice, quiet contemplation. You can really and truly relax here. But hey, relaxing is optional too, and you don’t have to, because wild Duval Street party is a stone’s throw from anywhere here, and happening most of the day and night.

5.     Rip up your To-DO list 
The only thing you have to “do” is rip up your to-do list. Thank us later. It’s all gonna get done. Okay, we lied…nothing is going to get “done” in Key West. Not quite following? Let’s put it this way: life here on Key West isn’t about DOING….it is about BEING. Don’t DO. Just BE. Just take on the Jamaican attitude and be chill, mon. That is all that is required!

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