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Which Watersport in Key West do you choose?

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Written by Marjorie Spoto

How Do You Choose Your Watersport in Key West? 

With so many options in on what to do for water recreation, you may be confused. Do you want to snorkel, knee board, waterski, ride the banana boat, jetski, parasail? Well, Sunset Watersports makes it so easy for you! All you need to do is get on the Do It All Watersports Adventure Trip and viola! You're doing it all! 

Did we mention that you a free Grilled Lunch? They have  BBQ pork sandwiches, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, veggies & dipping tray,  potato salad, french fries,chips and soft drinks. So what are you waiting for? It's a no-brainer! Go to Sunset Watersports! Go to: for more information and booking.


12 watersports activities


Adult wIthout Parasail $129
Children under 12 $59.00

Children 5 and under free

Spend the day on our 65 foot Gold Coast Yacht

Includes Lunch, softdrinks and
Cold Draft beer on your cruise back in

Experience the Ultimate Adventure with Sunset Watersport


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    Monday, July 10, 2017

    How to Make a Rum Runner Colada

    Key West rum runner, key west restaurants, key west bars, rum runner key west, key west places to stay

    Making The Perfect Key West Pina Colada

    Destination: Key West, Florida                                   

    How Did The Rum Runner Come to Exist?

    Where did it start, you ask? History says the famous drink dates back to the 1950's. The Story goes that Holiday IsleTiki Bar in IslamoradaFlorida (now The Postcard Inn) had an excess of rum and certain liqueurs that needed to be moved before the arrival of inventory. The bartenders created a very tasty concoction with this excess and Viola! The The Rum Runner was born! They named the drink after the real "Rum Runners" that inhabited the Florida Keys in the early days!

    Taste of Key West's Favorite Drink Even When You're Not on the Island

    Where did it start, you ask? History says the famous drink dates back to the 1950's. The Story goes that Holiday IsleTiki Bar in IslamoradaFlorida (now The Postcard Inn) had an excess of rum and certain liqueurs that needed to be moved before the arrival of inventory. The bartenders created a very tasty concoction with this excess and Viola! The The Rum Runner was born! They named the drink after the real "Rum Runners" that inhabited the Florida Keys in the early days!

    As with all great recipes, they are passed along and Key West adapted it as their official drink. Most recipes are altered by using different amounts of the same ingredients.  Sometimes an ingredient may be substituted or changed and the recipe will remain intact.The rules of the recipe are meant to be altered to suit your individual taste, but you can't change the main ingredients...RUM...and still call it a rum runner!

    The following recipe is a true Rum Runner recipe. It's not surprising that the Rum Runner recipe will be one
    of the most-flavorful, easiest, and favorite cocktails you will make. Try a "Rum Runner" at your next get together...and of course, enjoy! Click here to Find your Favorite Key West Bar to enjoy your Rum Runner.

    The Rum Runner Colada Recipe

    Two cups of ice
    1 oz pineapple juice
    1 oz orange juice
    1 oz banana liqueur
    1oz of coconut milk
    1 oz light
    1 oz dark rum or aged rum
    Splash grenadine
    Optional: one ounce of Bacardi 151 to float on top
    Orange slice (optional)
    To make by the gallon use 24oz of each ingredient

    To Mix:


    Fill your blender with the ice.
    Add all of the liquid ingredients.
    Blend the contents until smooth.
    Pour into a Pina Colada glass and garnish with an orange slice.
    Add the 151 floater!

    On the Rocks:

    Fill glass with ice. Add the liquid contents. Pour the 151 in the straw or on the top. This is my favorite way to enjoy the Rum Runner. Colada! Hope you enjoy!

    No Pina Colada glass available? No worries, no problem. Anything that will hold liquid will work!

    Making Key West's Favorite Drink, the Rum Runner



    Key West Things To Do

     Key West kayaking for your Key West Things To do




    Monday, June 19, 2017


    Key West, chill in key west, key west party, feeling irie Key West restaurants, top restaurants key west, top 10 restaurants key west, Party In key West

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    Destination: Key West, Florida          
    Written by Dianne Ackerman                                            

    Key West The Right Way


    Pack the feedbag, kids, because Key West is where you will surely indulge your every taste bud. We, the staff of Party in Key West, have sampled just about every culinary crumb this gorgeous little island has to offer, so trust us when we say we know where you should be eating!

    Belly up and dig in to our Top 12 Must Eats:

    12. El' Sibone
    What’s not to love about Cuban chow on the cheap? This family-owned, cozy little eatery is located in heart of Old Town Key West. Escape the craziness of Duval Street and have a seat at a table among locals. Key West is a stone’s throw to Cuba, so there is no better place to sample authentic Cuban cuisine in the U.S. than here. Dig into classic delectable like chicken and yellow rice, pepper steak, oxtail, as well as everyday award-winning dishes like Roast Pork, Paella Valenciana, and Siboney Steak. Go there now, thank us later!

    11. Blue Heaven
    This is the place you want to go to experience real Key West living. Famous Key West chickens
    and cats roam the grounds, and you can dine al fresco under a canopy made of a sail and surrounded by cute and quirky décor. There is an indoor dining room as well, if hanging out with the chickens isn’t your thing. Enjoy live music and serious (and we mean serious) island-style cuisine like Jamaican jerk chicken, Caribbean shrimp deglazed with Red Stripe (Um, hello? It is as amazing as it sounds!), and finish off the meal with a sublime Key Lime Pie. There is also a fantastic vegetarian menu that even local meat-eaters drool over.

    10. Tavern N Town (located in the Marriott Key West)
    You wouldn’t think a hotel restaurant it a must-go, but trust us, you haven’t had a seafood dinner til you’ve sampled the Plancha Pink Shrimp and Sea Scallops, served with bourbon mashed yams. And what about the gourmet pizzas with toppings like lobster in lemon cream or the housemade fennel sausage? The atmosphere is luxurious and simple. When you come, try to get a table in front of the Tapas Theater Kitchen, where you can watch gifted chefs create their works of art.

    9. Grand Cafe
    Step back in time as you dine within a gorgeous Victorian mansion. Lunch in the garden, enjoy a dinner looking at the stars on the wraparound porch, or sit in the air-conditioned dining room. Either way, you are destined for a culinary treat with beautifully presented and diverse dishes like tomato bisque with jumbo lump crabmeat, clams in garlic, wine, and butter, spicy Thai Curry, and Steak au Poivre. The beautiful café also hosts weddings, if dinner isn’t the only thing you had planned.

    8. Pepe's
    First of all, this place rocks because it is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year. That is something to behold. Secondly, they serve all meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Thirdly, they have a kick-butt, daily happy hour with fresh margaritas and oysters. Fourth, they have killer desserts including famous Key Lime pie. Fifth, it’s casual, fun, with huge portions, and a fantastic atmosphere filled with locals. Sixth, what more could you want in a restaurant? We pretty much covered it!

    7. Azur
    This is your go-to place for Mediterranean delicacies. You can enjoy lunch, dinner, and dolmas (Greek for small plates, which you can share with friends). We are big fans of their beautiful brunch menu. Dig this: Key Lime stuffed French Toast, Crab Cake BLT, eggs of any style served with chewy, thick slices of Ciabatta toast, and mimosas to die for. The lunch and dinner menus boast fluffy bites of heaven like gnocchi with slow braised beef, and some of the most delicious homemade hummus and crispy eggplant chips you will ever taste.

    6. 915
    Here is a not-too-miss eatery located right on Duval Street, so you can enjoy a killer dinner and people watch all at the same time. 915 boasts a beautiful wine list, with pairings for every course. Presentation is taken very seriously at this local’s foodie heaven, and your eyes as well as your tastebuds will feast on specialties like the impressive crispy whole Yellowtail Snapper, luscious, seafood feast called Soul Mama Soup, and Liberty Duck Confit with faro salad and fried kale. The beautiful and elegant eatery has also become a top choice for private parties.

    5. Michael 's
    The restaurant describes itself as “casual island elegance,” and we couldn’t have said it better. Located in Old Town, among the charming back streets of the city, you will enjoy the quiet oasis that is Michael’s. The famous warm chocolate volcano is out-of-control delicious. Just go there for the dessert and you will have died and gone to foodie heaven. But don’t skip the meal or you will have missed the famous Michael’s veal chop, grilled scallop salad, pepper encrusted tuna, and Allen Brothers Steaks, which are practically celebrity status on this island. Pair it all with a killer wine menu and you will need nothing more than a stroll under the stars to walk off the meal.

    4. Louie 's Backyard
    It almost seems too good to be true: a backyard that offer breathtaking ocean views along with
    some of the most delicious food on the planet? Yes. Trust us. If there is a celeb to be seen in Key West, you will probably see them here. So talk about bang for your buck! The Upper Deck is where you go for wine and small plates like fried artichokes and lemons, Korean pork and duck sliders, and toasted pesto gnocci. Dine in the Backyard for some of the most exquisite seafood entrees in Key West, like pan-roasted Salmon, Sweet Soy-glazed tuna, local Pink Shrimp with grits. This place is on the National Register of Historic Places, so it is an architectural as well as culinary delight.

    3. La Trattoria
    Come get your grub on Goodfella style with the classic Italian eatery that’s been here for over 30 years. With local seafood, fresh, authentic pasta dishes like Bolognese sauce and seafood ravioli, you can be guaranteed a good, old-fashioned Italian meal in the heart of charming Old Town. The also have a fantastic Martini menu and $5 Martini happy hour. Fuggedaboudit, this is as good as it gets.

    2. Santiago Bodega
    Sometimes all you need is a glass of wine and a few tapas to take you to another world. Come with some friends or a special someone to share a menu of small plates to tickle your culinary fancy. This is sensual food, so you can’t go wrong here if you are looking for a romantic dinner. Feed each other bites of goat cheese-stuffed dates, grilled shrimp and chorizo, or bites of cold meats and cheese plates, while you sip some of the most exquisite wines on the island, and consider yourself in Paradise.

    1. Cafe Marquesa
    This is Zagat’s highest-rated restaurant in Key West for a reason. No visit to this island would be complete without dinner at this upscale, New American eatery, located in the Marquesa Hotel. Do yourself a favor and make a reservation before you even step off the plane. This is special occasion dining to the max (although we consider just coming to Key West a special occasion!) and every bite will make you feel that special. Unique and artistic fare, first-rate service, romantic atmosphere: it’s all here. Chef Susan Ferry selects the finest seasonal and local seafood, produce and other ingredients, so the menu changes from season to season. Some unforgettable staples include Macadamia Crusted Yellowtail Snapper, Proscuitto Wrapped Black Angus Filet, and Conch & Blue Crab Cakes. A nightcap and a stroll around the stunning hotel grounds—complete with richly landscaped pools, rock waterfalls, and peaceful gardens—is the ultimate romantic night out. 

    Article by Dianne Ackerman

    Only a Weekend In Key West? Here Are Your Must-Do's!

    Are you looking for a Key West wedding venue or location? Your Online Source for where to stay, what to do, where to eat, and where the party is in Key West, Florida.

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    How To Make a Key West Martini - Limetini Key West!

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    Destination: Key West, Florida          
    Written by Marjorie Spoto                                    

    Key Limetini - How To Make a Key West Martini

    So you love Key West and miss it. That's ok. Take Key West to you! You will love this martini. It's similar to a lemon drop but it's got all the makings to give you that island feel. Adding the graham cracker rim will send you straight to Key West eating your favorite dessert. Here's our recipe. Feel free to alter know, the Key West's just kicked back. Remember, you're on Island Time now.

    Key Lime Martini Recipe

    2 oz vodka
    1 oz creme de cacao
    1 oz whipping cream
    1 oz key lime juice (or substitute lime or lime concentrate)
    crushed graham crackers for rimming (or substitute with sugar like we have)

    1. Combine vodka, creme de cacao, whipping cream and lime juice.
    2. Shake over ice.
    3. Rim martini glass with crushed graham crackers or sugar (if you don't have your kid's favorite snack handy).
    4. Pour and garnish with a key lime (regular lime, or lemon or orange) - come on, it's Key West's favorite Martini...We don't car if it's an old shoe. Just make it yours and celebrate!  

    Only a Weekend In Key West? Here Are Your Must-Do's!

    Are you looking for a Key West wedding venue or location? Your Online Source for where to stay, what to do, where to eat, and where the party is in Key West, Florida.

    Key West Hotel Accommodations:



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    Thursday, June 15, 2017

    Top 3 Myths About Key West Debunked

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    Destination: Key West, Florida                                                                                    

    Top 3 Myths About Key West Debunked 

    Myth: Getting to Key West is a hassle

    Getting to Key West is a part of the adventure. There are so many options. You can make that magical drive to Key West down US 1 (and scratch that off your bucket list). It's one of the most beautiful drives in the USA. Make stops along the way...for see Dolphins at Theater of the Sea...or sunbathe at Bahia Honda beach. Even if you don't stop, the drive is so beautiful, it will take your breath away. You can always go the traditional route of flying (it's exciting seeing the island appear overhead). You also have the Ferry from Ft. Myers if you want to hit the water before getting to Key West. So enjoy the journey before getting to this incredible destination. 

    Myth: Key West is just a party town

    Yes…Key West is a party town. Yes, you can have so much fun hitting all the fun bars on Duval Street and dance your legs off at Sloppy Joe’s until the wee hours of the morning. But, there is so much more to Key West than just partying. It’s one of the most romantic places on Earth. The sunsets are spectacular and as unique as a snowflake; every day showcasing a different color that you hadn't even fathomed that existed. 

    You can rent a boat and find your own private beach, go parasailing, or rent a jetski and tour the entire island catching the rays or see the sun set, or you can sit and sip frozen rum runners in your hotel pool smooching your loved one. There are just so much amazing things to do in Key West.  Read about the 10 Most Romantic Things To Do in Key West here: 

    Myth: Key West is just too expensive

    Key West On a Budget
    Newsflash! You can go to Key West and not break the bank. If you’re on a tight budget but need a vacation, go to Key West from July to early October. The town is less busy and there are better hotel and guesthouse rates. The restaurants run summer specials. 

    Key West has some of the best chefs in the world…famously boasting some of the best restaurants; Blue Heaven, Café Marquesa, Louis Backyard, 915, A&B Lobster House, LaTrattoria, Tavern N Town, and many more. Read about best happy hour places to go here:

    You can eat at these delectable restaurants during these months with their early or happy hour specials. You can enjoy lunch or breakfast or late night fare for a very reasonable price. Be sure to look at the airport for the “drink specials” rack. Read about doing Key West on a budget here: 

    Key West is a magical place and like no other place on Earth. It’s a bucket list must to get to this tropical paradise where the rules are bent just enough to make you feel like you’re in a dream-world. Make it happen. The rest will just fit all in. And of course, we advise you to Party on…in Key West! 

    Key West Blogs from


    Key West Water Tours - See the 26 mile island of Key West from the water. The BEST way to see Key West. 305-294-6790 (only $99 for the morning tour). Did we mention you get a free beer after your tour?


    To find your Key West Sunset Sail or other Key West Attraction, go to Party In Key West Wedding Guide 

    Monday, June 12, 2017



    Inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s Spirit of Adventure, the Makers of
    Papa’s Pilar® Offer Rum Enthusiasts a New Adventure Destination
    Key West, Florida (May 17, 2017) – Hemingway Rum Company, the makers of Papa’s Pilar® premium sipping rums, which were inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s spirit of adventure, will officially open its Rum Distillery & Experience Center to the public on Saturday, May 20, 2017. The new facility pays homage to the legendary adventurer who once proudly called Key West home.

    Nestled in the heart of Key West at 201 Simonton St. (the corner of Greene St. & Simonton St.), the new Rum Distillery & Experience Center once served as an all brick tobacco warehouse built in 1878 by Irish bricklayers. Having completed a three-year renovation, the over 8,000 sq. ft. facility will support Papa’s Pilar rum production, an Experience Center, a Tasting Room, Trading Post, and eventually a rentable event center. Visitors can view a 350-gallon Hamilton Pot Still, with a custom-made reflux column, that can produce up to 80 gallons of rum per day. Guests will also be treated to an interactive “scent display,” which allows them to smell the active ingredients in each expression. Unique attractions throughout the tour pay tribute to “Papa” as Hemingway was known, including a swivel picture wall and replica of his Pilar boat affixed in the ceiling’s center rafters. Following the tour, patrons will be provided a sampling experience of Papa’s Pilar dark and blonde rums in the facility’s Tasting Room, which includes a Hemingway inspired bar top, filled with newspaper clippings, photographs and other memorabilia.

    Carlton “Carl” Grooms, Key West Director of Operations, will manage the production of the award-winning rums, with the help of four full-time managers and 40 part-time employees, whom are all local Key West residents. An adventure-seeker and rum enthusiast himself, Grooms co-founded the International Rum Council and served as co-author of the book, “Rum & Contemporary Cuisine.” Carl serves on the Board of the Navy League, Key West Council, and the Key West Art and Historical Society.

    “We’re excited to have created both a destination that will serve as the physical heart and soul of our brand, as well as an asset for the city of Key West,” said Grooms. “Our guests will be truly engaged and amazed with this unique experience. A trip to Key West will no longer be complete without a visit.”   
    Tours are available daily from 9am-6pm. Tours are self-guided and do not require reservations as guests are encouraged to explore like Hemingway himself.
    In addition to the tour attractions, guests can visit the Trading Post to purchase adventure gear, bar accessories and one-of-a-kind Hemingway Rum Company apparel only available in Key West. A designated “locals corner” will allow various Key West merchants to showcase and sell their work.
    “Of all his worldly travels, Ernest Hemingway chose Key West to call home,” said Lindsey Kops Mundy, Papa’s Pilar National Brand Director. “And it’s here that we chose to celebrate him and Papa’s Pilar, the rum inspired by his spirit of adventure.”

    Papa’s Pilar Dark & Blonde rum varieties are hand-selected from ports-of-call in the Caribbean, Central America and Florida for their age, character and maturity, and then blended and solera aged in our proprietary process which includes Bourbon barrels and Spanish Sherry casks for the Blonde expression, and Bourbon, Port Wine and Spanish Sherry casks for the Dark Rum.
    In addition to the new Rum Distillery & Experience Center, Papa’s Pilar rums are available in 750ml bottles in both on- and off-premise establishments in: Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Washington and Washington, DC. The brand is also registered in Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, Utah and Virginia. The suggested retail price of the Dark and Blonde are $39.99 and $29.99, respectively. Prices may vary by market.

    For more information, please visit,“like” us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram Twitter #PapasKeyWest #PapasPilar

    About Hemingway Rum Company, LLC
    Hemingway Rum Company, LLC is a distilled spirits company based in Florida that’s dedicated to producing super-premium multi-sourced solera blended Caribbean, Central American and Floridian rums. The Company’s inaugural offerings are Papa's Pilar® Dark and Blonde Rum, incepted and crafted by a seasoned team of best-in-class partners. The Company encourages consumers of legal drinking age to “Live Courageously and Drink Responsibly” and proudly supports local organizations that serve Ernest Hemingway's adventurous, literary and conservational legacy.

    Papa’s Pilar® is a proud member of the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS).



    Key West Things To Do

    key west snorkeling

     Key West kayaking for your Key West Things To do


    Tuesday, June 6, 2017

    The 7 Best Things about Key West’s DRY TORTUGAS

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    Destination: Key West, Florida          
    Written by Dianne Spoto Ackerman                                          

    The 7 Best Things about Key West’s DRY TORTUGAS

    Picture this: you step onto a sea-plane, where everyone gets a window seat. The plane takes off, and you soar at low heights over the brilliant turquoise waters. Sea and sky is everywhere you look. Then, in the distance, you see the island and a structure emerging like a phoenix from the water: the pentagon-shaped Fort Jefferson, the largest brick building in the Western Hemisphere…

    When planning a trip to Key West, be sure to include a day trip to the Dry Tortugas. We promise you it will be a trip of a lifetime.

    Here are just 7 reasons the Dry Tortugas National Park is a must-see:

    1.     THE SEAPLANE
    Just getting there is an amazing adventure! If you’ve never been on a seaplane, this is the trip to
    take one. Spot sharks, dolphins, and the "Flats". This is a body of very shallow water only 3-5 feet deep, extending almost 20 miles. This area is part of the National Marine Sanctuary and has incredible marine and bird life. There are many other sights along the route to the Dry Tortugas, including private islands, WWII wreckage, and Marquesas Islands, which is a large circular group of coral islands. The plane makes a smooth landing at Fort Jefferson, where you begin your magical trip of a lifetime.

    2.     SNORKELING
    Enter an alternate universe under the sea, and enjoy a magical view. Swim among a rainbow of spectacular sea life, see coral-encrusted ship wrecks, a myriad of spectacular fish, moray eels, jellyfish, and more. And you don’t have to be experienced to try it for the first time! Expert guides will be there every step of the way with you, as you leave the mundane behind in exchange for a deep sea or shallow water adventure of a lifetime.

    3.     HISTORY & LORE
    From history to lore, there are tales to tell about this fascinating fort. For starters, the fort is the
    largest brick building in the western hemisphere. The Park is actually a 100 square miles but 98% of it is under water. The 7 tiny islan that make up the Dry Tortugas account for only 97 acres in total. During the Civil War, the fort was used as a military prison for captured deserters. It also held the four men convicted of complicity in President Abraham Lincoln's assassination in 1865, the most famous being Dr. Samuel Mudd.

    Fort Jefferson is a bird-watchers paradise. Rare birds frequent the island due to its central location in the migratory process. Key West Seaplane Charters. Some of the common and rare species you will encounter include: Roseate and Bridled Terns, Masked and Brown Boobies, Red-Necked Phalarope, Red-Footed Boobie, the Caribbean Short-Eared Owl, White-Tailed Tropicbird, Shiny Cowbird and the Golden Warbler.

    The Moat Wall offers an easy hike (0.6 miles) around the fort. Walking the moat wall is a great opportunity to view coral, fish, and other marine life. An amazing excursion that you wouldn’t expect on a tropical island vacation.

    6. FISHING
    Enjoy casting into the crystal blue waters in a secluded paradise where you can catch an abundant array of marine fish. You can also lobster and spear fish here.

    7. CAMPING
    If camping is your thing, then add the Dry Tortugas to your camping bucket list. It’s an experience of a lifetime. Imagine sleeping under the stars, on an island 70 miles from civilization, with the warm tropical breezes blowing through palm trees and the ocean waves ebbing and flowing in the night. You will never forget this trip. Camping is limited so make your reservations now.

    Only a Weekend In Key West? Here Are Your Must-Do's!

    Are you looking for a Key West wedding venue or location? Your Online Source for where to stay, what to do, where to eat, and where the party is in Key West, Florida.

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