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Top 5: Bucket List for Key West & Florida Keys

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Written by Dianne Ackerman

Top 5: Bucket List for Key West & Florida Keys 

There are endless ways to have fun on a vacation to Key West, but we think these are the Top 5 MUST DO’s. Whether you are visiting Key West for the first or fiftieth time, do youself a favor and make sure you hit up all of the items on this list. You won’t be sorry, and you will create memories for a lifetime.  Go now, thank us later!

Dry Tortugas National Park

 If there is paradise on earth, this is it. Whether you ferry it or seaplane it there, this is one amazing
day trip you won’t want to miss. This national historic landmark park is made up of 7 tiny islands, but the crowning jewel is the island which houses Fort Jefferson. The pentagon-shaped fort was once used as a prison during the civil war. Come out for the day and enjoy the history as well as snorkeling, fishing, camping, secluded beaches, and breathtaking panoramic views.  http://keywestseaplanecharters.com/ 

7 Mile Bridge
The famous bridge connects Key West to the Main land of Florida, and was named Buzzfeed’s #1 of the Top 20 most scenic drives in the U.S. This isn’t a drive to take if you are in a hurry and just want to be there. This trip, nicknamed “the Magic Carpet Ride,” is to be savored from the first hour to the last—and count on a three to four-hour ride from Miami to Key West. And if you are driving at sunset, forget it; you could cry it’s so gorgeous (but don’t do that, because party central awaits you!) That giant, glorious orange ball of the sun will slowly descend into the brilliant blue sea, sending strands of purple, pink, and yellow up into a sky that sparkles with a million twinkling stars.

Dive/Snorkel Pennekamp Park
If a mermaid opened an art gallery, this would be it. The first underwater park in the U.S., and a snorkeler’s paradise, this National Historic Landmark is home to a breathtaking, living coral reef, as well as “Christ of the Abyss,” an 8 1/2 –foot statue of Jesus which sits in 25 feet of water. Enjoy the views from a glass-bottom boat, or by snorkeling or scuba diving. You can also get down with some canoeing, kayaking, fishing, hiking, picnicking, swimming and wildlife viewing.


26-Mile Jetski Around the Island
 Hop on a jetski for an exhilarating, 26-mile ride around the entire island! Like a motorcycle for the water, jetskis have been a popular activity choice for Key West vacationers for years. Tours are available for solo, couples or groups. Grab your honey and rent a double-seater for a tandem tour of a lifetime. Or hop on a solo ski for an electrifying ride with the wind and surf in your hair. Many tours offer a pit-stop at a sand bar to enjoy the vistas, to take a dip in the water, and just to enjoy the view. http://partyinkeywest.com/members/all_island_jetski_tour_with_key_west_water_tours.html 

Duval Crawl

Southernmost Scavenger Hunt
Duval Street is to Key West what Bourbon Street is to New Orleans. In other words, it’s the center of all the action! This street stretches the width of the Island – from the Gulf to the ocean – and along it you will find a slew of bars, restaurants, shops and cafes. This is the ultimate Key West party experience, and as you stroll, you can stop every few feet to cool off at an outdoor bar with an ice cold frozen libation under refreshing water misters. A few top bars we recommend are Sloppy Joe’s, Garden of Eden (clothing optional!), Hog’s Breath, Margaritaville, and Smoking Tuna. Want to try some Duval Crawling in a fun and unique way? Do the Southernmost Scavenger Hunt

Only a Weekend In Key West? Here Are Your Must-Do's! 

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