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Top 10 Reasons To Go To Key West for a Girls Getaway

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Written by Dianne Ackerman

Top 10 Reasons To Go To Key West for a Girls Getaway

Calling…all the single ladies, all the single ladies! There is a lot of talk about guys vacations, family vacations, and romantic couples getaways…but hey, what about the girls? Key West is the perfect place to have a girls’ getaway vacation, and we’re gonna tell you why. Yes, there are a bazillion reasons, but this Top 10 list should be just enough to email your buddettes and get a plan going and pack your flip flops.

1.   Bachelor Parties
Key West does all things weddings the right way, and bachelor parties are included. There is no shortage of hot, single dudes on this island most of the year, due to the popularity of Key West as a bachelor party destination. Come on down with your girls, and enjoy meeting some cute guys under the tropical sun (or moon!).

2.     Eating is for REAL here
We can’t say enough about the magnificent cuisine down here. Local seafood is at its finest, of course. But you can also sample any cuisine you can think of, from Italian, to Asian, French, and American fusion.  You can also enjoy some delicious eats at some of the best happy hours on the planet. This is the place to get your grub on!

3.     Beaches and Pools
So many choices, so little time. If you would like to belly up to an in-pool bar (yes, a bar where you sit on a seat in the pool water and order drinks from a bartender!), it’s here. If you’d rather sit under a cabana with your toes in the sand and sip a margarita, you’re covered (literally and figuratively!). Want to sunbathe butt-nekkid? Go to a nude beach and bare your boobs. Makes no difference: you are in for an awesome day of sun and fun with the gals.

4.     Drag it Out
A group of girls and drag queens go together like cookies and milk. Get wild—take some singles bills with you , and wrack up the lip synching requests from these hilarious divas. A guaranteed night of raucous fun! 

5.     Live Music
There is one thing you don’t have to search hard for, and that is a live band. This island is a haven for gifted musicians of all genres, and they play all over the island. From dive bars, to upscale eateries, you are in for a treat for the ears as you feast your taste buds on food and eyes on gorgeous people.

6.     Cheap, Cheap, Cheap!
Not many people realize this, but Key West drink prices are significantly lower than drinks you’d
find in major U.S. city bars like Boston, New York, Detroit, and L.A.  Forget the $15-dollar cosmo. We’re talkin’ $5 rum runners and $2 draft beers in most bars for happy hour. No, we aren’t lying!

7.     Tropical USA
This is the only tropical island where you don’t need a passport or any crazy customs ordeals at the airport gate. You will feel like you are in another part of the world, but you have all the comforts of home: same language, same customs, not to mention the flight is quick from most states.

8.     Nightlife
The nightlife scene here is one where everyone is welcome and it feels like the town is just one big party. You aren’t gonna find a doggone velvet rope in the joint, and there are no lines to wait in to get into a place. And there is no dress code. It’s a different scene than the mainland nightlife. Key West is the place to party, hassle-free. And you can do it til the break o’ dawn, most places are open til 4AM. Perfection!

9.     It’s Walkable
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: you really don’t need a car here! That’s just another expense saved, if you’re flying in. So not only can you bike, pedi-cab, taxicab, or walk your way around this 2.5 mile island, but you can do it tipsy if you like and no one is gonna ticket you! No designated drivers required. Party hardy, girls!

10. Comfort is Queen

We aren’t kidding when we say “no dress code.” Seriously, no need for heels. You can wear your flip flops and tank top or sundress, and dance the night away in comfort!


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