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The Most Beautiful Drive in the U.S.A.

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Key West Florida, The Most Beautiful Drive in the U.S.A.

Florida Keys US 1 Drive
You know the old saying, it isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey? Well that even applies when you are planning a vacation to the most beautiful party capital in the world, Key West!

Buzzfeed recently listed the Top 20 most scenic drives in the U.S., http://www.buzzfeed.com/toyota/the-20-most-scenic-drives-in-america-3d8x and, not surprisingly, our exquisite island of Key West made it to #1. Yes, there are certainly some beautiful places to see from behind the wheel in this four-climate country of ours. For example, the Maine Coast is not to be missed if you are planning to be in the Northeast. With rocky shores, and pretty old lighthouses dotting the coast, along with plenty of bird and boat watching, this is Old New England at its finest. Another incredible journey to make is the California coast: from Redwood Highway, to Yosemite, and beyond, the sights in the sunny, blue-sky state are sure to make for a memorable ride. And of course the red rocks of Arizona are a winner, if you want to get a cruise-the-open-road, Thelma and Louise kind of vibe.

But let’s be honest: the most stunning, jaw-dropping view that is sure to take your breath away is the drive along the Overseas Highway http://www.fla-keys.com/highway.cfm as you make your way to Key West. This 110-mile highway actually runs the length of the Keys, and you can drive to every single island if you are so inclined. So if you are flying into Miami, do yourself a favor and rent a convertible at the airport, put the top down, your shades on, blast some tunes, and put the pedal to the metal. You will remember your journey into Key West forever.

You won’t know how many different shades of blue there are until you see the ocean change along this route—from brilliant turquoise, to sparkling aqua, to seafoam green—the panoramic view from the Overseas Highway will knock your flip flops off.

This isn’t a drive to take if you are in a hurry and just want to be there. This trip, nicknamed “the Magic Carpet Ride,” is to be savored from the first hour to the last—and count on a three to four-hour ride from Miami to Key West. And if you are driving at sunset, forget it; you could cry it’s so gorgeous (but don’t do that, because party central awaits you!) That giant, glorious orange ball of the sun will slowly descend into the brilliant blue sea, sending strands of purple, pink, and yellow up into a sky that sparkles with a million twinkling stars.

So remember, when you are planning your trip to Key West, don’t forget to plan on putting the top down and soaking in the unbelievably breathtaking views!

Article by Dianne Spoto Ackerman 

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